Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status


Morehead Optimist Club, Inc.

Edward Jones Offices

August 19, 2019

6:04 p.m.


Present:  Saundra Newton Randy Stacy Ron Fiel James Fluty Bill Redwine

                 Wes Holland Tony Cooper Robert Meadows Mike Mackin Jennifer Black


·       July 15th, 2019 minutes. 


Motion to approve as read by Bob Meadows, seconded by Jim Fluty.  Vote was unanimous.


·       Correspondence.  Children’s Advocacy Center for $1,500 donation. John

Hopkin’s Pediatric Oncology & OI partnership for childhood cancer,  Sheriff’s Ranch donation (James Damron), brochure & donation.  Certificates of Attendance President Redwine and Director Cooper for 100th Anniversary in Louisville, KY.


·       Financial Report.  Copy enclosed with Endowment update provided.   


Motion to accept financial report as read by Tony Cooper, seconded by Wes Holland, vote was unanimous.


·       Old Business.


- District Convention.  Highlights from President Redwine from Rough River State

Park, 8/9-8/10/19:


  Energy session.  Purpose, membership, recognition, special projects; example

of electric pencil sharpeners for all grade school kids in Optimist District-Atlanta. 


  Video presentation by OI President:  Adrian Elcock.


  John Maxey on Oratorical contest. Getting one of our district winners to

national/international convention:  $22,000.00 to winner.


  Governor-Elect:  Bill Redwine will serve from October 2019-September 2020.


  Frankfort Club departure from District, reasons provided to District group for

adoption and to be further reviewed/adopted by Optimist International Headquarters.  District members rejected proposal 35-5.


-Children’s Advocacy Challenge to Facebook readers on matching Morehead

Optimist Club’s $1,500.00 donation.  No feedback available at time of meeting.


-Cave Run Symphony Orchestra (CRSO) Challenge proposed by Morehead

\Optimist Club.  CRSO President Ewell Scott made $100 donation and asked President Redwine to reach out to other charitable organizations to meet the $1,600 challenge.  To date, no one has responded other than Dr. Scott.


          -Webpage.  Excellent presentation and update of     

MOC webpage presented.  Facebook/YouTube links. Tony Cooper will be point of contact for bingo groups.  Founder’s application and funding application.  Schedule of events other features.  Web hosting sponsored by OI is $350 per year….well done Mr. President!


-Arts and Eats Festival (Sep 21, 19).  Tony/Bill attended preparation meeting. Setup 8 am, event 11-4.  50/50 split of proceeds.  All proceeds raised by MOC will be donated to Childhood Cancer Program sponsored through OI. 


·       New Business


-Rental of Bingo facility to groups.  After discussion it was agreed that MOC would continue to offer facility for rent.  Schedule of oversight should be board members’ responsibilities (on-call schedule).  Jim made motion to rent facility out at $75 for a four-hour period, seconded by Ron Fiel.  Vote was unanimous.


-Concessions.  Ricbarwine will continue concessions and will draft “no

cost” contract between MOC/Ricbarwine.  Motion to accept drafting of proposal by Ricbarwine made by Randy Stacy, seconded by Jim Fluty.  Vote was unanimous with one abstention. 


-Donation Request-Cave Run Story Telling Festival.  Previous sponsorship was two $500 donations.  After discussion it was motion was made by Tony Cooper to sponsor two $500 donations, seconded by Ron Fiel.  Vote was unanimous with one abstention.


-New Membership Application:  Kim Barker-Tabor. Motion to accept membership application made by Tony Cooper, seconded by Randy Stacy.  Vote was unanimous.


-Radio advertising buy for Annual renewal of $1,200 PLUS $400 special programming for interviews/radio spots with MOC members.  Motion to fund advertising dollars made by Tony Cooper, seconded by Jim Fluty.  Vote was unanimous.






 Other Business. 


-Bob Meadows has agreed to sponsor Bachi balls for Methodist Church, POC at

Church is Connie Richardson.


-Junior Optimists.  Saundra asked for mentors/leadership to get Junior Optimist program running.  Names:  Randa Gilliam, Kayla Stafford, Cindy Rhodes, Brad McKinney, Charlie Graham.


-Golf Outing, 8/24/19.  MOC has sponsored two teams.  Scramble 9-12 Rowan County Christmas.


-Play Clocks at RCSHS Football field (est $5,600).  No motions/discussion.


-Tourniquets for Middle School.  Need 20 additional (est $600).  Mr. Cooper will bring proposal at next board meeting


·       Motion to adjourn by Ron Fiel at 7:43 pm.