Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status


Morehead Optimist Club, Inc.

Edward Jones Offices

September 16, 2019

6:02 p.m.


Present:  Randy Stacy Ron Fiel James Fluty Bill Redwine Wes Holland Tony Cooper Robert Meadows Mike Mackin Jennifer Black


·       August 19th, 2019 minutes. 


Motion to approve as read by Ron Fiel, seconded by Tony Cooper.  Vote was unanimous.


·       Correspondence.  MSU Foundation $1,750 donation for Optimist Founder’s

Scholarship Foundation.  Thank you from OI International for unrestricted donation of $240.


·       Financial Report.  Copy enclosed with Endowment update provided.   


Motion to accept financial report as read by Randy Stacy, seconded by Wes Holland. Vote was unanimous.


·       Old Business.


- Cave Run Symphony Orchestra (CRSO) Challenge proposed by Morehead

Optimist Club.  CRSO President Ewell Scott made $100 donation and Morehead Women’s Club $100 donation.  We matched the $200 match challenge.  Item closed.


-Concessions.  Ricbarwine concessions contract drafted and pending signature

from board member(s).  No discrepancies noted and finalization/signature will be presented at future date. 


-Arts and Eats Festival.  All in place thanks to follow-up of President Redwine and Director Cooper.  Buns for sandwiches (Trent Hamilton) on Friday (9/20), ham and drinks Friday.  Setup on Saturday the 21st 08:30-08:45, festival activities from 11-4.



Motion to accept proposal pending approval of Mayor, City of Morehead, made by Jim Fluty, seconded by Tony Cooper, motion was unanimous.


·       New Business


-“Shop with a Cop” $1,500 donation request.  Goal of Police Department is to

raise $3,500.  President Redwine approached by Morehead City Police Department to co-sponsor as a 501(c)(4) contact to work with City of Morehead and Mayor/Council approval.  If approved, program will similarly mirror the “Shop with a Trooper” program.  All proceeds raised for “Shop with a Cop” program will be paid by MOC Operation’s account when program implemented at shopping event with children.


Motion to accept proposal pending approval of Mayor, City of Morehead, made by Jim Fluty, seconded by Tony Cooper, motion was unanimous.


-Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program sponsorship for 2019.  MOC has sponsored this program in past for leadership portfolios used for leadership applicants.  Approximately $635 (65 x $9.14 ea.). 


Motion to continue sponsorship made by Robert Meadows, seconded by Ron Fiel, motion was unanimous.


·       Other Business. 


-Cave Run Derby.  Thanks to Director Cooper and Lancaster Bingo we will have a new Derby game made specifically for the Morehead Optimist Club’s Bingo Operations.  Game is a large “derby” event which pays $500 x 3 for horse winners and $100 for last ball called.  Names of horses will contain local landmarks and names within the region.  250,000 tickets in all at 2,400 tickets per game, which comprises of 102 total games sold.  On average, we will sell 3-4 of these on any given weekend.  Kudos go out to Mr. Cooper for his follow-up!


-Next meeting scheduled on 14 October 2019 as President Redwine and Ms. Susette will be on an Anniversary cruise during the third week of October.  Happy Anniversary!


·       Motion to adjourn by Wes Holland at 6:46 pm.