Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status


Morehead Optimist Club, Inc.

Cave Run Bingo Hall

March 22, 2021

5:56 p.m.


Present:  Bill Redwine James Fluty Tony Cooper Saundra Newton

                Ron Fiel  Robert Meadows  Mike Mackin   


·       11/20/20 (regular), 12/6/20 (Special), 2/4/21 (Special), 3/10/21 (Special) minutes. 


11/20/20 motion to approve as read by James Fluty, seconded by Robert Meadows.

12/6/20 motion to approve as read by Robert Meadows, seconded by James Fluty.

2/4/21 motion to approve as read by Robert Meadows, seconded by Ron Fiel.

3/10/21 motion to approve as read by Robert Meadows, seconded by James Fluty.


Vote was unanimous for all minutes. 


·       Correspondence.


-Statement by Optimist International Foundation:  donations Oct 20 -                

Feb 21=$130.00.

-Beds for Kids.  OI is to issue press release and have it in their Spring-2021 magazine.

-Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be advertised in Rowan County News.

-Program Compliance Agency, Children’s Advocacy Center.  Morehead Optimist Club nominated as “Legendary Partner Group of the Year” for the State of Kentucky.  15-second video with board members “we are legendary” was captured after meeting.


·       Financial Report.  Copy enclosed with Endowment update provided.   


Motion to accept financial report as read by Tony Cooper, seconded by Robert Meadows. Vote was unanimous.


·       Old Business.


          - Insurance Claim – accident at Cave Run Bingo Hall (Lewis).  No action or correspondence information provided at this time.  Open.


          -Fire system upgrade is complete.  Need to set up a timeframe to go over system overview amongst MOC members who work at bingo hall.  Closed.


          -Beds for Kids Program.  President Redwine approached by private citizen who viewed program highlights and made $150.00 donation towards next year’s program.  President Redwine will approach potential organization sponsors (Rajant and others) to see if community can contribute to program, including purchase of mattresses after bed frames are built.  Open.



·       New Business. 


          -T-Ball Sponsorship.  $2,000 for 2021 requested by Morehead Parks and Recreation (Jason Ingle) to be used for uniform jerseys.  140 children, 10 teams, average $14.28 per child


Motion to sponsor 2021 program made by James Fluty, seconded by Ron Fiel. 

Vote was unanimous.


          -Chamber of Commerce Golf Scramble.   June 18th, 0800 start.  $300 per team, $100 hole sponsorship. 


Motion to participate in Golf scramble for one or two teams, including hole sponsorship made by James Fluty, seconded by Ron Fiel.  Vote was unanimous.


·       Other Business.


          -Website Comparisons.


           Date(s)                    Hits               #Visitors

          07/19                      126               37

          02/20                      1,443            156

          02/21                      4,320            426  (avg per day:  15)


,         -New caller(s) needed, especially Saturdays.  Please encourage participation and invite new/existing members.


          -April 8th, meeting with Trent Whittington, Lancaster Bingo, concerning pulltab shortage(s)—small games under 400 tickets.


          -Director Cooper made motion an additional $500 donation be made on behalf of Rowan County Girls Basketball program who sold over $40k worth of pulltabs working bingo.  Motion seconded by James Fluty.  Vote was unanimous.


          -Director Meadows expressed concern over donations made to past/existing member causes/endowments of Morehead Optimist Club in lieu of sending flowers, etc.  Concern is formally noted to these minutes.


Secretary Mackin stated that the Benevolence Fund is donations made to the club on behalf of unclaimed pulltab prizes and is unearned donations due to fundraising.  This fund specifically uses these donations on behalf of members needing financial assistance, sending condolences, and donated to charitable causes on behalf and in response to member’s request(s).


Next board meeting scheduled for April 19th, 6:00 pm at Bingo Hall. 


Motion to adjourn by Robert Meadows at 7:08 pm.