Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status


Morehead Optimist Club, Inc.

Bingo Hall

July 26, 2021

6:05 p.m.


Present:  Bill Redwine  James Fluty  Saundra Newton  Randy Stacy

               Tony Cooper  Melissa Cooper  Wes Holland  Mike Mackin 


·       June 26, 2021 minutes.


Motion to approve as read by Tony Cooper, seconded by James Fluty. 

Vote unanimous. 


·       Correspondence. 


KY/WV District.  Thank you card for donation received and sponsoring Q1-22 District Meeting 8/6-8/8/21.


Kentucky Sheriff Association Newsletter.  Newsletter acknowledging $250 donation in memory and recognition of Mike Martin.


·       Financial Report.  Endowment update by Director Holland: $438,143 as of 8/16/21.  3-year history of Endowment shows 15.51% return. 

President Redwine made additional $5,000 donation to First Federal Account which will reflect in Sep 21 Financial Report.


Motion to accept financial report made by James Fluty, seconded by Saundra Newton.    Vote unanimous.


·       Old Business.


-District Meeting hosted by Morehead Optimist Club, 8/6 – 8/8/21.  Item CLOSED.   


-Purchase/construction of smoking shelter.  Still pursuing options.  Item OPEN.


-Rowan County Christmas golf outing, 8/21/21 Eagle Trace.  Representation by President Redwine, Vice President Fluty, James Wells and Mike Mackin.  Item CLOSED.

-Smoker’s receptacles.  Seem to be effective at present.  Item CLOSED.


-Dana Brown (Condolences).  Ms. Brown approached President Redwine to convey thanks for flowers sent on behalf of the passing of her death.  Item CLOSED.


·       New Business


-Ratification of MOC sponsorship of Distinguished Young Woman program sponsored by Morehead Woman’s Club.  Board agreement via email and now meeting to ratify sponsorship of two $250 academic scholarship awards for top two contestants. 


Ratify motion made by James Fluty, seconded by Wes Holland.


Vote unanimous.


·       Other Business. 


-On-line application-Kim Riggsby.  President Redwine has invited and welcomed her to weekly Gatti’s luncheon.  Item OPEN.


-OI Foundation “Veteran Banner Emblem ” and embroidered name bar for MOC veterans Robert Meadows, Robert “Pete” Hamm, John Brown, Steve Guerin, and Mike Mackin.  President Redwine encouraged OI Foundation participation for current five veteran members above.  Details of patches are provided as attachment to these minutes.


After discussion motion made by Tony Cooper to sponsor all five veterans/members at $100 each, seconded by James Fluty.


Vote unanimous with one abstention (Mackin).


This donation supports the Optimist International Foundation.


-Kentucky Bank/Stockyards Bank transition.  No changes are necessary as new named Stockyards Bank will honor all checks under old name.


-First National Bank of Grayson.  Bank has offered to the MOC a “no fee, no cost” account to convert any accounts currently used by the MOC.  After discussion it was agreed that no changes would be made, and all accounts would remain under same operation.


-Childhood Health and Wellness Application Grant.  Optimist International sponsored “up to” $1,000 “one time” matching grant(s) for childhood wellness due not later than 8/30/21.  Proposed application provided to board members and copy enclosed.





After discussion motion made by Tony Cooper, seconded by Wes Holland. 

Vote unanimous. 

$1,000 grant match from MOC will be paid from Grant matching account at First National Bank of Grayson.


-OI Foundation “Dime a Day” 50th Anniversary.  Form enclosed for those interested in participating.


-Membership Drive.  President Redwine proposed attached ad for Rowan County news.


Motion to place advertisement in local newspaper made by James Fluty, seconded by Saundra Newton.


Vote unanimous.

Director Holland recommended to post a “Facebook boost” with link to ad and membership form landing page.  All agreed.

Director Newton will work towards gathering committee/group to promote membership drive.


Next meeting scheduled on 9/20/21, 6:00 PM at Cave Run Bingo Hall.


Meeting adjourned at 7:09 p.m.